Family Portal

“It’s a fact: when families are engaged in learning, children do better in school. The Family Portal will give families the opportunity to be more engaged by opening up greater oversight of and interaction with virtually all classroom activity."

- Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph.

Welcome to the MNPS Family Portal! 

With Family Portal, you can see real-time class and assignment grades, homework, test scores, upcoming due dates, attendance information, discipline incidents and more. It also allows for better communication between teachers and families through emails and mobile alerts. Teachers will be able to send messages to parents, and schools will be able to post important news and announcements for you to see.

Signing up is quick and easy by following the step-by-step instructions:

To activate your account:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on the link marked “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key.”

3.     Parents will receive this activation key from the Enrollment Center when the child is enrolled. If you do not have this number, you can go to the front office of your child’s school. Parents will need to verify who they are to get this activation key from the school.

4.     Follow the steps listed on the site to create a user ID and password.

a.     To be as secure as possible, we recommend your password be at least 8 characters and contain a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

NOTE:  You will also be prompted to enter a recovery email address, which will allow you to reset your password on your own if you ever forget it.  

An email address is required to log in to Family Portal, after you have activated your account. 

Don't have an email account? 

Sign up for an email address using one of these free email providers: Gmail | Yahoo | Microsoft.

Families with a smartphone have a default e-mail address through their mobile carrier that converts all e-mails into an SMS message. If someone sends an e-mail to this default e-mail address, the message will come through on the family’s phone as a SMS text message. Families can use this e-mail address to sign up for the Portal.

The chart below shows you how to figure out what the family’s default e-mail address is based on their mobile carrier. For example, if a parent’s cell phone number is 615-123-4567 and their provider is AT&T, his e-mail address would be:

Carrier                 Email address format


Boost Mobile







Virgin Mobile

Download the Mobile App: Apple | Android | Amazon 


Visit your school, local library or the Family Information Center at 2601 Bransford Avenue, Nashville 37204. 

The Family Portal is a powerful tool, and we are all responsible for keeping it – and your child’s personal information – secure.

By using your activation code, you agree that: 

1.     Information accuracy is a shared responsibility among schools, parents/guardians, and students.

2.     You are being granted access to information for student(s) who you are marked in the MNPS system as having custodial rights. If any other students are included in your Portal, you must notify your school front office personnel immediately.

3.     MNPS maintains the right to add, modify or delete information and Portal functions at any time, as well as the right to deny parents access with suitable cause. 

4.     Use of the Portal is subject to electronic monitoring by the district. 

Have questions?

Further questions should be directed to your child’s school. Each school will have at least two, with many having more, Family Portal Liaisons who will serve as the front-line points of contact in supporting families in using the Portal. These Liaisons will be fully trained in all aspects of the Portal and in how to offer technical and user support. Sign-up and support events will be planned throughout the spring semester to help families get acquainted and comfortable with the Portal.

If I do not know my Activation key? Contact your child’s school. Be prepared to have a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.) and proof of residence (Current Utility Bill or Lease/Mortgage Document in the Parent/ Guardian’s name) so we can verify your information.

Updating the household information for your student may require other types of information, such as a court ordered custody arrangement, Power of Attorney, or DCS Education Passport, for staff to verify you should have access to student information. 


FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE, THe Family Information Center iS AVAILABLE at 615-259-INFO (4636),, or by chat on