Self-Expression & Exploration

Our theatre courses teach creative problem-solving skills through practical, hands-on experience. Enhancing students' appreciation of theatre as a literary and performing art, whether they're participating in a stage production or attending one, is our goal. 

On stage, students are able to use their singing, acting, and dance skills to explore their ability to entertain and communicate a scripted work. In class, students are asked on a daily basis to stand before the class and communicate a single message. The skill base takes the form of improvisational games and skits, scripted works and original works.

Theatre teaches students to think through self-expression and allows exploration of their artistic voice. They gain the confidence and skills to follow their passion wherever it may take them, including, of course, the stage. Our theatre programs are open to all students, regardless of experience level, and offer courses in acting, design, directing, musical theatre, public speaking, and theatre technology.

Our theatre programs are offered both during the school day for credit and outside of the school day as an extracurricular activity.

Program Highlights

The Hillsboro Players took top honors for their production of Catch Me If You Can at the virtual Spotlight Awards Ceremony sponsored by Tennessee Performing Arts Center in 2020. They were nominated for 16 awards and took home six (the most of any participating school):

  • Best Male Soloist: Noah Henry
  • Best Student Orchestra
  • Best Costumes
  • Best Technical Execution
  • Best Direction
  • And the most coveted award of the night- Best Musical.

The Hillsboro Players are the only school to ever win Best Musical more than once in the history of the Spotlight Awards Program.

We are so proud of the hard work put in by the students, directors, and artistic team that brought Catch Me If You Can to life! learn more about The Spotlight Awards.

Congratulations to Hillsboro Theatre teachers, Kristin and Will Butler!