Reinventing our Middle Schools

Middle school is a pivotal time in a child's education - a time when students need a relevant, cross-subject education that sparks their curiosity, challenges them to think critically and creatively, and encourages peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.  

In a STEAM learning environment, students are challenged to think critically, be creative, and communicate and collaborate with their peers. This empowers our students to better understand how their specific skills fit into our complex world.    

Metro Nashville Public Schools is committed to getting this right for our students. Our STEAM classrooms represent the right learning environment with the right instruction, the right resources, and the right people. Together, these elements will transform our middle schools.

  • The right learning environment means our students will have opportunities to expand their horizons in certified, nationally recognized schools and through engaging extracurricular activities.

  • Within those environments, our students will have access to the right instruction with a focus on computer science and advanced academics to prepare and challenge students.

  • Our students will have the resources they need, including equitable access to technology and community partnerships that give students meaningful curriculum/career connections.

  • We plan to support our teachers in ways we've never done before with extensive teacher training and learning technology specialists to help educators use technology in impactful ways.

  • There is no better place for this to happen than in Nashville - where technology, the arts, and science blend together to create a vibrant and thriving economy. And now the middle school classroom will reflect that environment.