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Dodson Elementary: “Preparing Individuals for Life” 
Posted on 02/15/2022
Dodson counselor and students at table

Dodson Elementary School is a creative, vibrant school in the Hermitage area that practices the motto “preparing individuals for life” every day for its nearly 380 students.  Dodson counselor and students at classroom table

Faculty and staff at Dodson are focused on helping all students reach their maximum potential.

“We know it takes a team to help all students, and we work collaboratively to provide a safe learning environment and a strong academic program where all students can succeed and become successful members of society who can compete in a complex world,” says Tiffany Curtis, executive principal.

A day in the life of a student at Dodson is a combination of academic and social-emotional learning through one-on-one and small-group teaching strategies. Students participate in related arts and personal learning time, as well as Gifted and Talented Education options for students who qualify.

Through collaborative planning, teachers make sure Every Student is Known by providing opportunities to deeply understand each student’s specific learning needs and work with others to support individual student growth.  

two students doing experiment stacking red solo cups

Even the hallways at Dodson are designed to encourage students to reach their goals. Student artwork lines the halls, as does the Bulldog Wall of Fame. Students who reach at least one personalized learning time goal every week can add their name to the Wall of Fame. 

Recently, the staff at Dodson partnered with their dedicated parent support organization to install a sensory path in their main hallways. A sensory path helps students burn through extra energy while improving motor skills, like balance and hand-eye coordination.  

Dodson Elementary Facts  

  • The school’s mascot is the Bulldog, and the school colors are red and blue.   
  • The library is the heart of the school – a center of activity for learning.
  • The media center also has online resources available for students.  

Dodson Elementary School is a zoned school in the McGavock Cluster. If Dodson is your neighborhood school, and you haven't been there in a while, set up a visit and take a look.


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