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Gateway Elementary: "The Gateway to Greatway"
Posted on 09/14/2021
Gateway Elementary student smiling

Gateway Elementary School prides itself on being a community-focused school in Madison. Gateway provides a safe and educational environment suited for every child. Student in classroom

Gateway’s staff works together to be prepared, communicate well, and follow procedures, and they have high expectations for their students. Among other academic offerings, Gateway has Encore, a program for gifted and talented students. Students’ social-emotional well-being and quality instruction are the foundations of every aspect of the day at Gateway.  

Gateway assures Every Owl is Known - a nod to the school's mascot, an owl - through the Navigator program. Navigators check in with students by setting up a student artwork wall so students can visualize themselves reflected in the hallway. 

“A lot of principals can say they have teachers who love their students, but there's something unique here at Gateway because we have a large faculty that has been here for many years. Through the thick and the thin, our staff wants to see the community do well. Our teachers have taught entire generations of families. They are rooted here,” said Executive Principal Ashley Jackson.

Gateway opened in 1963. It was named for the gateway neighborhood it resides in. It was proposed that the school should always be a gateway to learning.

Symbolically, the school has a wrought iron design at the front of the building that displays the letters ABC, an open book, and the numeric symbols 2 x 2. Even through a 2011 renovation that added a music room, art room, gym and additional classrooms, the design has remained, keeping true to the slogan, “The Gateway to the Greatway.” 

Gateway’s colors are green and yellow. 

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