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Haynes: The Only MNPS Middle School with a Health and Medical Focus
Posted on 02/10/2022
Haynes Middle teacher and students

Haynes Middle Health/Medical Science Design Center is a small learning community that provides a Paideia learning environment for sixth through eighth grades. Haynes is the only middle school in Metro Schools with a health and medical focus, with active partnerships through Vanderbilt University, Meharry Medical College and its School of Dentistry, Fisk University and Tennessee State University, to name a few. haynes teacher and students

Haynes students have access to real-world, practical experiences in these important fields. A liberal arts focus is blended with health and medical science electives in a curriculum that prepares all students for high school and post-secondary education. Honors courses are offered in all grades. 

Because of Haynes’ close ties with the community, the Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition has raised more than $12,000 for the school this year. The coalition raised money from local businesses and the community through its Taste of the District fundraisers and is donating the money to support literacy at Haynes, which will use the funds to construct an outdoor reading garden for its students. 

Haynes is a restorative practice school, meaning the faculty and staff teach students how to channel emotions properly, creating appropriate spaces to reflect on their actions and using specific questions to resolve conflicts. 

Haynes student at ice cream social

The Haynes vision is “removing the labels because we already have a name”– meaning it’s important to remove all labels that can be perceived as negative, such as Title I, low-performing, etc.

Each week Haynes works to make Every Student Known by recognizing a student on the marquee in front of the school. The student’s name is displayed along with four or five characteristics that positively describe the student. Students also are frequently spotlighted in displays inside the school, too.

The school also holds quarterly data chats to discuss academics, attendance and behavior; identifies a student of the week to showcase students who exhibit the Wildcats 8 qualities (Welcoming, Innovative, Leadership, Decision-making, Collaborative, Advocacy, Trustworthy, Scholarship), and provides leadership opportunities for students.

Haynes began in 1931 as an elementary school with grades one through eight. Prior to the 1963 merger of the city and county governments, the only high school for African Americans in rural Davidson County began at Haynes in 1935, when ninth grade was added.

The school was named after Reverend William Haynes, a lawyer, author, preacher, pastor and educator who was born on the Haynes plantation near Murfreesboro. Haynes was also a Realtor who believed that everybody needs a home of their own. Because of that belief, many areas still carry his name, like Haynes Meade, Haynes Heights, Haynes Manor, Haynes Garden and Haynes Park. 

Executive Principal Roderick Webb assures that the scholars and parents at Haynes are the school’s main concern.

“As an inclusive school community with a rich Nashville history, we will prioritize not just your scholar’s academic development and social-emotional well-being but their pursuit of gaining awareness about themselves and the world around them so they may acquire the tools in preparation for secondary success and beyond,” Webb says.

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