Celebrating Thomas Edison Elementary

Thomas Edison Elementary: Embracing “Our Neighborhood"
Posted on 02/09/2022
Thomas Edison students at field day.

Thomas Edison Elementary School serves students from kindergarten through fourth grade in the South Nashville community in Antioch.

Faculty and staff support the community by maximizing the academic abilities of their students. This year, Edison has incorporated the theme “our neighborhood” by embracing the students, teachers, support staff, parents and community partners. Thomas Edison students at field day

The school’s mission is to educate students by providing needed resources, social-emotional learning and a rigorous curriculum.

Edison supports its faculty and staff by providing a positive environment of professional development and an atmosphere of belonging and value. Edison supports parents by providing them with frequent communication and any wraparound services needed. The school focuses on increasing partnerships every year to help enhance the feel of “our neighborhood.” 

Every Student is Known by an educator at Thomas Edison. All students are heard and supported through weekly check-ins on the Sown to Grow platform. Staff discuss each child’s academic and social-emotional needs during MultiTiered System of Support (MTSS) meetings and data days and in teacher lesson planning sessions. Every day, teachers and staff work to build future leaders and innovators in Nashville and beyond.  Thomas Edison students

Thomas Edison's mascot is the Chargers, and their school colors are blue and yellow. 

"At Thomas Edison Elementary we are #ChargedwithPurpose, and that purpose is to serve our students and families with excellence. Come join us as we #imaginethepossibilities,” says Principal Dr. Sonya Whitmore. 

Edison provides several after-school activities, including:


  • English Learners Reading Club 
  • Get Charged after-school tutoring 
  • Student Council  
  • Book Club 
  • Safety Patrol 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Edison provided several other after-school activities. They hope to bring these clubs back once after-school activities fully resume. 

Those activities included: 

  • Young Kings and Queens 
  • Edison Ensemble  
  • MVP (Music Video Production) 
  • Debate Team  
  • Student Council 
  • Girls with Sole 
  • Boy & Girl Scouts 
  • Dance Team 
  • Disney Musical Production

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