Celebrating Wright Middle School

Middle School is "Wright & Ready"
Posted on 09/02/2021
Wright Middle School music class

Wright Middle School was named after Robert Wright, former superintendent of Davidson County Schools and the father of Nola Wright, from whom the property was purchased.  

Due to the overcrowding at neighboring Glencliff High School, the school opened as Wright Junior High in 1965 to accommodate seventh through ninth grades. Still overcrowded, the school’s first building was expanded, and then a lawsuit in 1971 resulted in the loss of ninth grade. In 1975, the school transitioned to seventh and eighth grades and temporarily housed Glencliff students and faculty during the construction of Glencliff’s new building.  Wright Middle music class

Wright Middle School’s vision is to empower diverse learners by providing the necessary skills for high school, college, and career readiness. The middle school will provide a safe, open, and honest community where students are empowered to take ownership of their actions through culturally responsive and real-world teaching and learning. 

The Mighty Raiders put the student in Every Student Known. The school has a large and robust Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) department consisting of two counselors, a STARS counselor, a social worker, and a restorative practice assistant. They all work cohesively to ensure that students receive immediate attention to their needs. Wright has established an advisory team that functions with clearly laid expectations for building community and relationships.  

In addition, conducting home visits is a rule rather than an exception at Wright. Dedicated faculty delivered computers, food, school supplies, and other necessities during the pandemic shutdown last year. Student needs are captured regularly via a needs referral link, and Wright’s Community Achieves coordinator and social worker strive to fulfill the needs of the students as they are captured by the teachers.  

“Wright Middle prides itself on the strength and support of its community partners, who play a huge role in aligning supports for the multiple needs of the school community,” said Dr. Sharada Deaton, executive principal.

Fun Facts about Wright:

  • Wright is the only middle school that offers a mariachi band class
  • More than 20 different languages are represented at Wright
  • The executive principal is originally from India and speaks Tamil

Wright Middle School ensures every middle school student is Wright and Ready every day! 

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