Dylan Pitzer, Scholar Athlete of the Week

Dylan Pitzer, Hume-Fogg Academic High School Bowling
Posted on 11/16/2021
Photo of Dylan Pitzer

Dylan Pitzer is a Blue Knight is a high roller. He maintains a 3.4 grade-point average and earlier this year bowled his first 200 game for the season. Dylan Pitzer

In this week's Scholar Athlete of the Week profile, learn how this  bowler is using his professional bowling style during competition – and does not let the competition intimidate him.

What motivates you as a bowler?
DP: I try to keep bowling light and fun when I am in competition. However, I am motivated by the urge to improve my game and increase my average each time I bowl. I concentrate on the bowling pins that I have to knock down and getting points for my team.

How did you get into bowling? Who inspired you to become a bowler?
DP: I’ve been into bowling for fun and for sport. No one in particular inspired me to become a bowler, but I have been enjoying being a part of the team.

Is there one word that best describes you? Why?
DP: There are technically two words that describe me. Those two words are “good sport.” I have had a few opponents that jeer and snicker while I am competing. During competition, I respect them and even encourage them while they bowl. After the match is over, shake their hands and tell them “good job.” I always give respect where it’s due.

Team bowling can bring pressure. How do you remain calm and bowl a good game?
DP: I try to concentrate on my game and know that it is all fun, friendly competition. I am not worried about the score, although it is important, but more importantly it about having a good time.

Are there any professional bowlers you admire and take a few of their techniques?
DP: I admire Jason Belmonte and Norm Duke. Belmonte because he is one of the most caring and funny people of the Professional Bowling Association. I recognized that Duke and I have a similar style of bowling. Start a little right, throw just a little out, then curve back in, same as his. Each bowler helps me improve my game.

Do you see yourself taking your bowling game to the collegiate level?
DP: After high school, I plan to bowl for fun. I’d like to stay involved in athletics and maybe try my hand at another collegiate sport.

What are your personal/team goals for this bowling season?
DP: My personal bowling goal for this season is to make it to the state competition. The team goal is to win the district tournament, win the regional tournament, and make it to the state championship as a team.

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