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Introducing the MNPS Support Hub
New District Office Name Captures Role in Supporting Students, Staff
Posted on 04/27/2021
New MNPS Support Hub

Don’t say “central office” anymore.

MNPS’s office complex at 2601 Bransford Avenue is now known as the MNPS Support Hub in recognition of its role in supporting the district’s students, families, staff, and schools.

Director of Schools Dr. Adrienne Battle revealed the new name and the beginnings of the Bransford campus’s new look Tuesday afternoon. Highlights include new wayfinding signs and beautiful artwork by students – a sampling of the amazing talent to be found at public schools across the district.

The Support Hub is one of Dr. Battle’s signature initiatives to ensure that every student is known and to empower and equip leaders at all levels.

“I’m pleased to officially unveil the renaming of our Bransford Avenue offices as the Support Hub – a warm and welcoming place for staff, families, students, and visitors who will walk into the doors and see a professional, courteous, and caring staff housed in a facility that celebrates the unique qualities and characteristics of our students,” Dr. Battle said.  

“I’ve spent my life with Metro Nashville Public Schools, and I’ve experienced what it is like to be a student, a teacher, and a principal. We have also heard directly from representatives of students, teachers, support staff, and principals. I fully understand the importance the district can play – both positively and negatively – in helping to achieve better outcomes for students and the staff who support them.” 

While it’s technically accurate for a building near downtown that serves the entire city, the term “central office” has taken on a connotation of centralizing power and decision-making, which is not what the district’s leadership wants to do.

Board Chair Christiane Buggs said the re-envisioning of the central office as a support hub “is one of the many ways Dr. Battle, her leadership team, and my fellow Board Members are looking to support, empower, and equip staff throughout the district to be successful and to see and feel the appreciation we have for all of you.” 

Dr. Chris Barnes, MNPS’s Chief of Human Resources, said the Bransford office is being reconfigured so it will function more efficiently for current and prospective employees.

“We want the first and last impression of everyone who walks into our doors to be that the support hub is here for them,” Dr. Barnes said, “that we care about you as employees, and that we are going to continuously seek to improve our relationship with team members throughout the district so that not only can we help you do your jobs to the highest level possible, but you can help us to do better in supporting teachers and staff who are at the forefront of educating students.”

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