MNPS Voices: Diraya "Dee" Correa-Artavia

MNPS Voices: Dee Correa-Artavia, Family Information Center
Posted on 08/16/2023
Dee Correa-Artavia
Dee Correa-Artavia in the family information center  

Visitors who walk into the front doors of the MNPS Support Hub at 2601 Bransford Avenue will immediately see the Family Information Center, with communal tables, yellow bean-bag chairs and children's books available for the taking. It is a welcoming space that reflects the even more welcoming staff on hand to help families and students by answering questions and handling concerns from parents and the community.

One of the prominent figures at the center is Diraya “Dee” Correa-Artavia, the Family Information Center Liaison. Driven by her deep connection to her job, Correa-Artavia works closely with families by carefully addressing any issues or concerns in whatever capacity is needed.

From transportation to enrollment to back-to-school specifics, Correa-Artavia’s work is critical and instrumental in fulfilling our district’s mission of making Every Student Known.

“I would like families to know we care about them, their children and their children’s education, and they should never feel like they can’t ask a question,” Correa-Artavia said. “We are here to help.

Correa-Artavia has worked for Metro Schools for 13 years, but her relationship with the district began when she arrived from Costa Rica as an 11-year-old student, starting in Cheatham County and then moving to Davidson County to attend middle school at Rose Park. Dee and Dad at her 8th grade graduation at Rose Park

Relating to New Families

Having been an immigrant student, Correa-Artavia relates and provides a deeper connection to EL families of all backgrounds. She remembers feeling incredibly overwhelmed and having to be the translator for her parents.

This is why she said her role at the Family Information Center feels natural – it’s a personal position.

“I’m not a materialistic person; I just want to do my good deeds on Earth because that’s why I’m here – people did the same for me,” she said.

Her tenure within the district and her own experience as a parent to three children who attended Metro Schools have equipped her with invaluable insights into inquiries families often have. Committed to equality, she provides the same exceptional service to all. Her ultimate fulfillment lies in getting families to commit to Metro Schools and enroll their children, a role she embraces with love.

Correa-Artavia says her favorite time at work is during the school options and Pre-K application season. As a master puzzler and problem solver, she works closely with families to help find the best school fit for students. Correa-Artavia takes the time to understand their interests, goals, strengths and needs. Knowing this about them allows her to recommend schools, which in many cases is their zoned school.

Dee Correa-Artavia portrait

“Metro Schools has diversity not just in population, but diversity in the programs we offer, too. Every school offers something different,” said Correa-Artavia, who encourages families to visit the websites of schools or contact them directly to learn about each school’s community partners and extracurriculars.

Correa-Artavia's impact goes well beyond helping families. As an indispensable member of Metro Schools, her care and commitment leave a lasting impression on the experiences of everyone she helps through her authenticity. 

Family Information Center

While most of the answers to any question can be found on or the school’s website, the 12 individuals who work in the Family Information Center are available to answer in person or over the phone.

The Family Information Center is especially busy this time of the year. In the two weeks before the start of school, the team served more than 7,000 families, most commonly on topics of transportation, enrollment, Pre-K, school options and the start of school.

Have a question of your own? Feel free to come into our office anytime 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also call us at 615-259-4636 or email the Family Information Center.

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