Stepping Onto The Runway: A Pre-K Fashion Show

Stepping Onto The Runway: A Pre-K Fashion Show
Posted on 03/27/2024
pre-school fashion show

Alex Green pre-k students on stage

Alex Green Elementary’s Pre-K students recently took to the runway, showcasing what they learned during their clothing study in front of their family, friends and teachers.

Investigations Nurture Curiousity

In Pre-K, students learn through study investigations. The investigations can include delving into diverse topics such as trees or buildings or, as witnessed at Alex Green, clothing. These investigation practices nurture curiosity, foster discovery, and hone critical thinking skills through collaborative play. student dressed up for fashion show

At Alex Green, the clothing study had Pre-K students explore and investigate clothing through the different materials it is made from and the various types of clothing people wear. Throughout the study, students read stories, created artwork, explored different materials and textiles, and dressed up in different clothing. At the end of this study, Pre-K students celebrated with a fashion show.

“It was so great to see the outfits students chose to wear and exciting to watch them model their garments on the red carpet. The fashion show supports social-emotional learning by supporting confidence and self-awareness.

Plus, it provides an opportunity to reflect the different cultures at our school and community,” said Dr. Sarah Iriogbe-Efionayi, Pre-K Teacher at Alex Green Elementary.

Parents also enjoyed seeing their child model their outfits, including Pre-K parent Chityka Fentress who said her daughter “has been into fashion for a long time and was so excited and happy to be in today’s fashion show. She even went to bed early for the first time.”

Fentress also enjoys her child’s Pre-K program, “I love my child’s Pre-K program. There are wonderful teachers and  kids in her class; she tells me she loves it every time she comes home from school.”

Alex Green and Metro School’s Pre-K program embrace the creativity and individuality of every student. Metro School's Pre-K program offers a fun, rigorous, engaging, and nurturing environment. Our diverse learning classrooms are a stepping stone to a lifetime of learning for  Davidson County's young students.

The MNPS 2024-25 Pre-K Application is Now Open

Families who apply by 3:30 p.m. April 1 will be included in the initial application selection process. And, the application can be submitted in just three easy steps.

Apply for Pre-K in Three Easy Steps

The application process for MNPS Pre-K is a little different than our traditional K-12 enrollment, but it’s still an easy process that can be completed completely online in three easy steps.

  1. Gather your required documents, including a birth certificate, proof of residency, and a parent/guardian ID.
  2. Get an MNPS Student ID Number online or by scheduling an appointment at one of our eight Enrollment Centers, located across Davidson County.
  3. Submit your Pre-K Application online and then check your email for next steps!
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