Mayline Garcia, Hunters Lane High School

Scholar Athlete: Mayline Garcia, Soccer Player
Posted on 09/24/2021
Hunters Lane High soccer player

“Mayline is great young lady,” says Coach Michael Fleck of Hunters Lane High School girls’ soccer. “This senior studies hard but plays harder and is a dedicated team captain. It has been a privilege to coach such a dedicated and committed student-athlete.”

How long have you been playing soccer and how did you get started playing?
MG: Soccer was a part of my household growing up and both of my parents were avid players. I would go watch my father play and would practice with him after his games. This is how I found my joy for the sport. However, I did not officially join my first team until 7th grade and have recently rejoined soccer this past year.

Mayline GarciaI have been playing for two years for my high school team and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

What do you like best about soccer?
MG: My ball passing skills are the best, in my opinion. I have slowly improved my passing and shooting skills, as I was not the best at it in when I first began playing. Now if I perfect my defense and control the ball, I will definitely be a force on the soccer field. I am determined to improve and grow as a soccer player to build on my current skills.

Who or what inspires you when you are on the soccer field and why?
MG: My father inspired me to pursue soccer. He has shown me almost everything I need to know about soccer. He has taught and guided me in my journey of becoming a better player and he is one of my biggest supporters. I aspire to do my best no matter what on the field, as I know that I will grow as a player and individual because of my father. I admire his passion towards soccer and towards helping me be a great player.

What strengths do you possess that make you a great athlete?
MG: I strive to perform to the best of my ability, as a leader and a teammate. Each practice and game I encourage them to never give up and always play their best. I am a very determined individual on and off the field. I am willing to learn and grow in all aspects needed to become a better student-athlete.

What advice would you give a young lady who is interested in playing soccer?
MG: I would encourage them to begin playing soccer for fun, not to take it so seriously. Also that her skills and her drive for the game will come the more she practices and get better.  It is a fun experience as you build connections with your team and other individuals.

Outside of soccer, what are other extracurricular activities do you participate in?
MG: When I am not trying to score goals, I am member of the National Honors Society, Student Government Association, and International Baccalaureate program. I will also be playing tennis in the spring.

How do you balance your academic and athletic responsibilities?
MG: I have to write everything down or else it is one ear and out the other. I live by planner where I write my assignments, weekly goals and athletic responsibilities in. Managing my time wisely is most important as well.

What should fans look forward to when watching the Lady Warriors on the soccer field?
MG: First fans should come out and support the team. When they attend games, they should look forward to seeing a team hard at work and working together to win. The games can also get a bit intense but are definitely fun to watch.

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