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A Personalized Education for Every Child.

At Metro Nashville Public Schools, we use detailed academic, behavior and social-emotional data to ensure every student is known and our staff makes a concerted effort to tune into students’ interests, passions, learning styles and needs. We focus on creating and supporting rigorous, engaging and personalized learning experiences for all students to identify and eliminate inequities, so every student has a clear and achievable path to success marked by measurable goals.

Offering a range of programs and opportunities, MNPS has options to fit every family’s needs. Whether you are looking for advanced academics, related arts, special education services, English language supports or STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education programs, we offer the best choices to meet individual student needs—starting at Pre-K all the way through graduation.



Ensuring Equity to All Students

MNPS is consistently and intentionally working to support and achieve educational equity in our schools. Our goal is that all students receive what they need, when they need it, so they can develop their full academic and social potential regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, language, religion, family background or family income. 

We believe it is our shared responsibility to ensure every student in every Nashville neighborhood has the same access and opportunity to a high-quality education. By identifying different disparities and working to remove systematic differences, we can foster an inclusive school system and create a much more equitable education and outcome for our students.





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Early Learning


Metro Schools offers a nationally recognized Pre-K program. Students focus on developing structure, social-emotional learning (SEL), problem solving, literacy, language and social skills. Families can apply to one of our four Early Learning Centers, one of our school-based classrooms or our two Montessori programs. Studies show children in Pre-K develop literacy, language and math skills faster than their peers—and the benefits of Pre-K impact children into their teen and adult years.

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Elementary Schools


Across our 70 elementary schools, students learn through fun, hands-on lessons. Our academic team is committed to supporting a high-quality education for every student, and all instruction is aligned to the Tennessee State Academic Standards. Our elementary schools offer foreign language, STEAM, Montessori and Paideia programs, magnet programs and much more. To ensure all students realize their fullest potential, they are provided supports based on individual needs, whether that is access to gifted and talented services, tutoring, English learners, exceptional education services, etc.

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Middle Schools


The middle school years are a time of great change for students developmentally, socially and academically. Metro Schools creates caring school environments that reflect the unique needs of our middle school students and appropriately responds to those needs while preparing students for high school. All middle school students explore and cultivate their interests through experiences in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies while developing an understanding of personal and social responsibility as members of a community. Every 8th grade student develops a transition plan to prepare them for successful transition to high school, including both academic and SEL goals.

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High Schools


Metro Schools students have many opportunities available to them to learn, explore interests and prepare for college or a career. Some classes and programs our high schools offer, which are part of our district’s Early Postsecondary Opportunities (EPSOs), include:

  • Rigorous advanced academics courses
  • Industry credential certifications
  • Dual enrollment and/or college credit

MNPS guarantees every high school student the opportunity to participate in at least four EPSOs to be a Ready Graduate, defined by the state as developing the knowledge and skills for success in college, the workforce or military service.


Academies of Nashville

The Academies of Nashville, Metro Schools’ learning community program in our 12 zoned high schools, is recognized as one of the nation’s best college and career prep programs. Our 35 different academies—covering interesting, high-demand industries like health care, hospitality, tech, media and engineering—give students the opportunity to take their learning out of the classroom and into the real world, creating their own learning experience and empowering them to make informed decisions after graduation.


Early College High School

Students can fast track their college plans or begin building a career by simultaneously earning a high school diploma and college associate degree in just four years—and at no cost to families. Two MNPS schools offer an early college program: Early College High School, located on the campus of Nashville State Community College, and Early College at Whites Creek High School.


More to Learn, More to Do

  • Visual & Performing Arts

    True to our Music City roots, the arts are an important focus in all grade levels. Our students participate in dance, music, theatre and the visual arts. These programs, including our thriving Music Makes Us program, receive support from the local music industry and valuable business partnerships.

  • AVID

    Career and college options are exciting—but we know they can be overwhelming, too! No matter what path high school graduates choose, college or career, students must develop essential skills to design their own successful futures. With our AVID framework and specially trained AVID educators, we work with students to find their passions, see their full potential and build their skill set. AVID  is in 48 MNPS schools and continues to expand.


    Big dreams start young—and MNPS STEAM programs tap into our learners’ imaginations with thematic learning programs like entrepreneurship, environmental science and engineering. STEAM education is integrated in elementary, middle and high schools.

  • Athletics

    Our athletic programs focus not only on physical health, but also opportunitites for our student athletes to develop higher standards of mental, moral, social and physical fitness through participation in extracurricular athletic programs. There are 14 TSSAA-sanctioned sports available in our high schools, and middle school students can participate in seven different sports. You can follow along with our sports teams on Facebook and Instagram.

Supporting Students and Families

MNPS works with partners throughout Nashville to offer a wide range of programs and services to ensure students are fully supported, in and out of the classroom. If you or your student seek services, have questions or need help, you will find a lengthy list of services—from before and after-care to meals and transportation—plus community-based services, on mnps.org.

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