Celebrating Alex Green

 Alex Green Elementary: “The Village” helping raise children with high-quality instruction and support 
Posted on 01/18/2022
Alex Green Pre-K students in class

Alex Green Elementary is a thriving school in Whites Creek that is becoming a design technology magnet school with the help of a federal magnet schools assistance grant that will create even greater academic opportunities for students.  Alex Green students dancing in class

Before there was Alex Green Elementary, there was Temperance Hall, the first school in the Whites Creek community. Built in the late 1800s, Temperance Hall opened with 60 students.   

In 1887 the property was bought, and the name was changed to Alex Green Academy in honor of the late Rev. Alexander Little Page Green, who helped establish Vanderbilt University and Southern Methodist Publishing House, one of the first publishing houses in Nashville. He also promoted education for Native Americans and women.   

Alex Green prides itself on providing students with high-quality, research-based, rigorous, differentiated instruction. Alex Green’s faculty and staff provide support before, during and after school to assist each student who may display signs of struggle in class. 
Alex Green students working at their desks
“It takes a village to raise a child, and WE ARE THE VILLAGE!,” said Dr. Robyn Beard, the school’s executive principal. “As a school, we are not only involved in the lives of our students, but also involved in our community.”   

Did you know that at Alex Green: 
  • An afterschool basketball club/team has formed, and the Eagles will be playing against neighboring schools in the district. The club/team will assist in developing students’ social-emotional skills as another approach to building relationships with students and families. 
  • EVERY student at Alex Green was given a winter coat, hat and gloves before the winter break.  
  • At Alex Green, Every Student is Known because administrators, faculty and staff intentionally build relationships with students and their families with authentic connections and communication.  Everyone spends time getting to know the students and their families personally through regular communication and frequent interaction.   


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