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Madison Middle: “Achieving Excellence Together”
Posted on 02/03/2022
Madison Middle teacher and student

Madison Middle students in Madison University t-shirts

Madison Middle School’s motto is “Achieving Excellence Together.” Their house system culture keeps them true to their motto.  

Madison University is the nickname for Madison Middle’s personalized house system, which is designed to mimic the college experience by placing students and staff in small communities (known as colleges) that come together on a regular basis. The house system fosters pride and responsibility and demonstrates respect for the contributions of others.

Every Madison Middle student selects a house to join. Students can earn points for their house in academics, behavior and attendance throughout the school year. Students compete and participate in house activities like peer councils, advisory groups, spirit days and community service, to name a few. House selection and engagement extends beyond the student body, faculty and administrators; Madison’s community partners select a house, too.  

Madison Middle teacher and studentThe house system student theme and activities are only part of Madison’s Every Student Known strategies. Their teachers use Personal Learning Time as an opportunity to serve as mentors and build strong connections. If additional support for student success is identified, administrators have access to the Community Achieves program, which gives teachers and administrators access to community partners who can provide wraparound support. 

Madison’s mascot is the Rams and means more to the student body than an intimidating animal for sports. RAMS is their rallying cry: R stands for resilient, A for achievers, M for motivators, and S for scholars, and each of the school’s four houses is named accordingly – for example, the College of Resilience. The school spirit colors are orange, black and white. 

Madison Middle is also a STEAM school. Their signature STEAM Night takes place each fall for families to explore STEAM experiences, which highlight Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Their most recent STEAM Night gave families the opportunity to explore critters, make slime, experience “Fear Factor” and do an experiment with household items. 

The history of Madison Middle is rooted in a community that had a high school as its namesake – Madison High School. The high school closed its doors in 1986, and the building remained empty for several years. In 2014 a new generation of middle schoolers entered a newly renovated building and proudly continued the legacy of Madison High School. 

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