Walking School Bus

"Walking School Bus" Helps Napier Students Get to School On Foot and On Time
Posted on 10/25/2022
Students, staff and family of the Walking School Bus outside under a tree.

Have you ever heard of a Walking School Bus? Well, Napier Elementary School has one!

The walking school bus is led by parents, staff and community members who are committed to walking students to school so they arrive on time and ready for learning. Students and staff of the Walking School bus under a tree

“Attendance has been a challenge across the district. Being a Leader In Me School, we wanted to be proactive in empowering families to get students to school safe and on time, so we partnered with Walk Bike Nashville to implement the program at Napier,“ said Marc Anthony Peek, the school’s Community Achieves site manager.

How Does a Walking School Bus Work?

Here’s how it works: Students meet their “bus driver” at either of two locations within the Napier/Sudekum community every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. The adults then walk the students to school, ensuring they arrive safely and early between 7:45 and 7:59 to start the school day at 8.

When students are late for school, they miss valuable instruction time, breakfast and opportunities to build meaningful relationships with the Napier family. The Walking School Bus takes care of that problem. And the walking is good for everyone’s health and fitness.


Support the Walking School Bus

Support for the Walking School Bus is needed and welcomed. As the weather gets colder, the donations can be made to Napier Elementary School to support the Walking School Bus program:

  • Coffee with cups
  • Hot chocolate with cups
  • Hand warmers
  • Water
  • Fruit
  • Breakfast bars
  • Warm hats and gloves

How else can you help? Forward this story to other caring adults who may want to support Napier's Walking School Bus. And, you can contact Marc Anthony Peek for more details.

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