Nashville's Youngest Songwriters

Ruby Major Pre-K Students Are Nashville's Youngest Songwriters
Posted on 04/26/2023
Pre-K Student with Pretend Instrument

Pre-K students sitting in a circle with Country Music Hall of fame songwriter


MNPS Pre-K classrooms offer hands-on learning experiences to support the learning and development of our youngest learners. Student with inflatable guitar

Recently, Ruby Major Elementary School students in Stacy Young’s Pre-K classroom had an engaging interactive learning experience as songwriters.

Young’s classroom was paired with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Words & Music for Early Learners program, which provides students an opportunity to work with a professional songwriter to create an original song. Young was excited when her class was selected for the program, especially since “music supports language skills development, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.”

To prepare for their songwriting experience, Young’s class was sent three videos by the program for students to watch and discuss to become familiar with music and the songwriting process. The students also had to choose a song topic as a classroom, and they voted on Animals. During the classroom’s Morning Meeting, they learned about the parts of a song: Title, Verse and Chorus.

Then came the big day. The Pre-K classroom worked with Daisy Sellas, a professional songwriter, to collaborate on writing a song along with the program team, AmeriCorps service member Bailee Cochran and Kayley Walker. The students also worked together to decide on the title of the song: “I Like Animals.” The program also provided props for children to wear as they danced and performed their song. The classroom's song was then recorded by a singer, and the class was able to listen to their completed song with lyrics with music.

“As a teacher, I loved watching the kids come up with the things they knew about animals which became the lyrics to the song. They had so much fun! I always loved music and incorporating it into my classroom. Collaborating with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum was a cool experience to further integrate music into my classroom,” said Young.

What did Pre-K Students Learn?

Pre-K students are familiar with writing through their classroom journals, so teaching them to write lyrics to a song was a great writing extension.

During the songwriting process, students had to come up with animals and their characteristics, which provided an opportunity to work on language skills.

When students heard the finished song, they remembered the animals that they contributed to the lyrics, so it made them feel a sense of ownership of the song.

Since the song writing experience, Young has had some students ask to listen to the songs they wrote, which is a great extension of this learning opportunity.

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Watch the Video for "I Like Animals"

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