MNPS Voices: Leigh Ann Harbort

MNPS Voices: Leigh Ann Harbort, Computer Science Teacher, Harris-Hillman School
Posted on 04/24/2024
Leigh Ann Harbort

Leigh Ann Harbort and student

With a deep commitment to understanding each learner’s unique journey, Leigh Ann Harbort continues to enrich the lives of students at Harris-Hillman School two decades after she started teaching there.

As the computer science teacher, Harbort has been a steadfast presence at Harris-Hillman, teaching students from their earliest days at 3 years old until they transition out of the school at 22. Her unwavering commitment speaks volumes about the nurturing environment fostered within Harris-Hillman and Metro Nashville Public Schools as a whole. Leigh Ann Harbort

Beyond her title, Harbort is simply a compassionate and purposeful educator. She is not only a board-certified music teacher but also a respected and active member of the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology. She has a foundation in music therapy (she started as a music teacher at Harris-Hillman) and a profound dedication to inclusivity, which help her integrate technology into each lesson and bring personalized learning experiences to students with diverse needs.

At the heart of Harbort's teaching lies a deep understanding of each student's unique learning style. Her lessons are crafted to cater to individual strengths and abilities, fostering an environment where every student can thrive.

"Everything we do here is individualized. Everything you see in my lessons, I’ve created," Harbort said.

"No Two Kids Are the Same"

Her impact extends beyond the confines of her classroom. Recognizing the importance of equal opportunities for all students, Harbort has emerged as a leader in teaching adaptive technology and commonly delivers presentations to her peers. Her dedication to training and collaboration ensures that every student at Harris-Hillman and beyond is equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

Through her fun approach, Harbort empowers students to surpass expectations, instilling in them both valuable skills and confidence.

Leigh Ann Harbort with student

“No two kids are the same, no two environments are the same; no two days are the same,” she said. “Be open-minded as to what you can do and what the kids can do because the kids are going to meet your expectations, whether they’re high or low, and if you set high expectations and give the supports and scaffolds that they need, they’re going to get there.”

Whether she's adapting lessons to meet individual needs or collaborating with fellow educators to maintain consistency across the curriculum, Harbort goes above and beyond to ensure that every student's educational journey is meaningful and fulfilling.

Harbort’s commitment and innovative spirit have made a lasting impact on the Harris-Hillman community, where she embodies the spirit of excellence the district continues to strive for. Her work ensures that every student, regardless of their starting point, has the chance to learn, grow and succeed in school.

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