STEAM Magnet

Purpose, Passion, & Innovation

Our school district’s themed magnet schools are united by purpose, passion, two students with hands raised in class and innovation.

Forward-thinking and caring teachers motivate students to learn and grow with in-depth, collaborative, and hands-on curriculums. Magnet themes address global problems and provide opportunities to show young minds that they can be part of creating a better world.

The district has eight elementary magnet schools and one visual & performing arts middle school that promotes learning through the 4 C's: Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Communication.

We invite you to learn more about these great schools and their communities by visiting school websites and connecting with the schools directly to learn more and apply.  Or sign up to receive MSAP news and happenings in your inbox.


Find the School That's Right for Your Student

Students who live within the school zone for a themed magnet school need only register for school. Students who live outside of the school zone can apply through the School Options process. No testing is required to apply to an themed magnet school.

  • Alex Green Design Technology Elementary
    Alex Green Design Technology Magnet is a great place to grow and learn. Design technology is the start of every product. With the skills learned at Alex Green your child could grow up to be a fashion designer, architect, product designer, software engineer, graphic designer, interior designer, or inventor. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Carter-Lawrence Engineering Magnet Elementary
    Carter-Lawrence Magnet emphasizes an engineering and STEAM focus that allows students to explore their interests and think creatively and critically every day.

  • Glencliff Entrepreneurship STEAM Magnet Elementary

    Glencliff Magnet focuses on learning how to live courageously as global problem solvers. Glencliff teaches students the joy of learning by creating opportunities for aha moments that are inspired by curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

  • Inglewood Environmental Sciences STEAM Magnet Elementary
    Inglewood Magnet builds a community of empowered learners equipped with skills and experiences to lead the lives they choose.

  • Isaiah T. Creswell Magnet Middle School of Visual & Performing Arts
    Creswell Middle Magnet encourages student passions through arts-based curriculum that includes dance, drama, visual arts, music, music appreciation, paintworks, speech, creative writing, playwrighting and more.

  • Rosebank Integrated Technology & Biological Sciences STEAM Magnet Elementary
    Rosebank Magnet inspires students to imagine a future in an exciting career that makes the world a better place.

  • Tom Joy Digital Literacy & Leadership Magnet Elementary

    Tom Joy Magnet helps students to develop the curiosity and skills needed to use technology to become leaders who thrive now and in the future.

    Watch a day in the life at Tom Joy.

  • Warner Arts Magnet Elementary School
    Warner Arts Magnet improves academic success for scholars by integrating dance, music, art, and drama into education.

  • Whitsitt Environmental Engineering STEAM Magnet Elementary
    Whitsitt Magnet develops wise stewards, powerful and joyful in their skills and in their purpose.

Apply to a Themed Magnet School

If you would like your student to attend a themed magnet and you live outside of the school's zone, learn more about the MNPS school options process and deadlines in the school options section.

Magnet School Funding

Funding for STEAM magnet elementary programs is provided, in part, by a competitive grant from the Department of Education Magnet School Assistance Program (MSAP), which focuses on developing and designing innovative programs that promote diversity, increase choices in public education programs, and strengthen academic achievement.

We have transformed eight elementary schools and one middle, into STEAM magnets to give students the character, knowledge, and skills they need to become thriving, engaged citizens. Our goal is to: Desegregate schools by supporting the elimination, reduction, and prevention of social and academic isolation of minority students; improve academic achievement; provide dynamic and collaborative hands-on learning with real-world application; recruit non-minority parents to choose our schools.

Download a suggested reading list and resources guide.

Introducing "Nuri, Nuri what do you see?"

"Nuri, Nuri what do you see?" is a new children's book that supports the diversity, equity and inclusive programatic work of our federally funded magnet schools. 

Read the book with your child in English and in Spanish and complete the printable activity sheet.