Envisioning Equity & Opportunity

It is our shared responsibility to ensure every student in every Nashville neighborhood and community has access to a high-quality education. To ensure equity is the foundational objective within our district, we must take a targeted approach to eliminate student outcomes attributed to structural racism, classism, and other areas of difference.

We will guide our institutions and our personnel toward providing every young person with a personalized learning experience to support their growth in skills and knowledge to meet their academic needs.

The following questions will guide our work: How can we increase transparency and engagement, resulting in better, sustainable outcomes and productive relationships?

students doing science experiment with red cups
  • What do you understand about the history and people within our school community?
  • What is currently taking place in our education system now?
  • What are the inequities in our system that we seek to address?
  • Who is situated farthest from educational opportunity, and what do we understand about their experience and context?
  • What are the structural barriers that exist?
  • What have young people and their families shared about their experiences in our system, and how is the data informing our actions to address?
  • Where in our current system is there an opening, momentum or demand for action that will have a meaningful impact on student experience and learning outcomes?


Equity is neither optional nor negotiable. This is who we are as a school district; these are the values to which we will be held accountable.” - Paul Gorski


Educational Equity

Each student receives what they need, when they need it, to develop to their full academic and social potential regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, language, religion, family background, or family income. Equity focuses on justice and fairness. 


Racial Equity

Students in our district have equal opportunities to reach their full potential and are no more likely to encounter life’s burdens or benefits just based on the color of their skin.


Equity Roadmap 

The MNPS Equity Roadmap is a response to the urgent need to reverse the longstanding inequities within our school system. This roadmap acknowledges that MNPS operates within the larger societal norms that consistently create racially and socially predictable and persistent inequitable outcomes.

To change these inequities, the MNPS Equity Roadmap challenges us all to shift our ideological commitment to become equity leaders by centering the needs of historically marginalized students and their families first at the forefront.

Download the Report

Download the Equity Roadmap or scan the QR code to learn more. 

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