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Tulip Grove: “Raising the Bar for Success” 
Posted on 09/22/2021
Tulip Grove Students

Tulip Grove Elementary School opened its doors in the fall of 1989 in Hermitage. The school is named for the Tulip Grove mansion, which President Andrew Jackson’s nephew built near the President’s home, The Hermitage, in 1836.   Students in STEM class

The school opened with students in kindergarten through sixth grade. In 1999, the grade configuration changed to kindergarten through fourth grades. In 2001, Tulip Grove was designated as an English Learner (EL) center to include students from other school zones who speak English as a second language. The school added three pre-kindergarten classes in 2008.

The school continues to serve zoned students with various programming needs, as well as students who apply to attend Tulip Grove through the open enrollment selection process.

Tulip Grove shares a campus with Dupont Tyler Middle School, and the school celebrated its 30th birthday in October 2019 with many former students and staff. 

Tulip Grove practices Every Student Known in various ways. The school uses the house system to promote community throughout the building. Through their four houses, which stand for gratitude, respect, integrity, and perseverance, every student and staff member is celebrated, welcomed, and supported through their fellow house members. Students earn points for their houses by helping others, demonstrating outstanding behavior, academic achievements, good manners, and by being respectful. 

One of the most successful practices Tulip Grove Elementary uses every day is a set of expectations for everyone. The school received inspiration from renowned educator and author Ron Clark’s award-winning work for educators titled “The Essential 55,” which focuses on discovering success in every child. Tulip Grove developed their own rules, which they call “TGE Essential 29.” It is an actual list of 29 expectations that includes items such as “Be the BEST person you can be,” “Stand up for what you believe in,” and 27 others. TGE discusses them daily on the morning announcements and in classrooms.

TGE’s pre-k students are referred to as the HIT Squad, or house in training, learning the essential 29 expectations from their older peer models. With the addition of Live School, the house program is even more individualized. Live School recognizes every point given throughout the week and highlights each student on a display in the cafeteria. Students love to cheer for housemates gaining points towards their totals throughout the week.

During house huddles, the school celebrates achievements, like a debate team win. They recognize individuals such as the Top Tigers and Support Staff of the Month. They also cheer for the House Champions of the Week. Once a month, during house huddle, the school participates in a school-wide service project, like Valentines for Veterans. The house system may be four houses, but Tulip Grove is one family.  

Tulip Grove’s motto: “Raising the Bar for Success” 

Vision statement: “Tulip Grove Elementary will inspire our learning community to grow and excel through high expectations and mutual respect.” 

Fun Facts about Tulip Grove

  • Tulip Grove’s fourth graders take a three-day, two-night or overnight field trip to Land Between the Lakes each year, where they explore nature, sleep in cabins, and build community. The field trip has been a Tulip Grove tradition since 1990.
  •  Tulip Grove loves science: They have a 3D printer, several robots, an iPad cart, and a working science lab where they now offer a STEM class in the related arts rotation.
  • Tulip Grove is one of the only elementary schools to host Science Olympiads. 
  • Tulip Grove had a terrarium in the lobby with a parrot named Sam at one time. 
“Tulip Grove is a truly great school. We are beautifully diverse. Our students represent many different cultures and abilities,” Executive Principal Allyson Johnson said. “We work hard on the academic aspects of school, but we strive ultimately to simply grow good humans. The community around us supports us tremendously. We have many students and staff return to visit and support us because once you are a Tulip Grove Tiger, you are always a Tulip Grove Tiger!”

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