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Stratford STEM Lower Campus: A New School with Old Roots
Posted on 09/30/2021
Stratford Lower Campus student in class

As Executive Principal Janet Wallace says, Stratford STEM Magnet Lower Campus is a “new school with old roots.” Stratford student in class   

Those roots date back to 1929, when Stratford STEM Lower Campus was known as Bailey Junior High School. Bailey was named in honor of Professor John E. Bailey, who was the supervisor of music in the Nashville Public School system, before the city and county schools consolidated. In 2016, Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School relocated to merge with Stratford STEM Magnet High School. This gave the middle school distinct advantages, like sharing extensive library resources, fields, and other facilities with the high school campus.   

Both campuses also share two unique spaces: the Media Center and The Union. The Media Center is a space of collaborative work for students, like the Girls That Code club.

The Union is a multipurpose classroom where students can work on special projects outside of the classroom, like a recent plant store project in which 7th grade students showcased their science skills by growing plants. They were also able to use ELA skills by advertising and marketing the store and use math skills by keeping financial records.   

Although the student body has grown tremendously since 1929, the faculty and staff at Stratford STEM Magnet Middle School still seek to personally make Every Student Known. One way they do that is through data-based conversations. Recognizing how important it is for students to set personal goals toward their own academic journey, the team at Stratford has created a data file for every student and regularly checks in with their progress. 

In addition to their data check-ins, the team at Stratford has committed to knowing every student in a unique way: By understanding each student’s “love language.”  

At the beginning of the year, students took a quiz identifying their unique love language: words of affirmations, gifts, acts of service, quality time, appropriate touch. Teachers will be trained in how to provide feedback and encouragement to students specific to their aligned language, helping teachers and staff better communicate and connect with students.  


Facts about Stratford STEM Magnet Lower Campus

  • The school mascot is a Spartan, and the school’s colors are orange, black and white.  
  • Technology is important to the instruction at Stratford STEM Magnet Lower Campus. Drones and robots are available to students for learning, and the school hosts STEAM Nights and a STEAM Carnival.   


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