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Litton: STEAM Education Connects Students to Real World
Posted on 11/29/2021
Litton classroom
Isaac Litton Middle evolved from Isaac Litton Junior High and Jere Baxter Junior High. The site was named after the grandfather of Judge Litton Hickman, the then-presiding judge of Hickman County.  Litton teacher and student in class

Litton is a STEAM-themed school in East Nashville that allows students to connect their classroom learning to the real world. The theme is supported by curriculum, partnerships, hands-on work, and technology — every classroom is equipped with interactive smartboards. 

The building itself is a STEAM lesson. It is a LEED-certified, green building with double-pane windows, motion-sensor lights and plumbing, and climate-controlled classrooms throughout the school. Students can participate in events and programs like career fairs, the Rocket STEAM program — which, thanks to a Toshiba America Foundation Grant, lets students learn about rockets, force, and motions — and digital photography, a club sponsored by the Brentwood Photography Group. The school also has an extensive band program that includes beginner, intermediate, rock, pep, and honors bands. Students can choose their skill level and music interest. 

ILMS’ mascot is a lion, and their colors are red and blue. The school motto is “Moving full STEAM ahead with P.R.I.D.E.”, which stands for Prepared, Reflective, Innovative, Data-driven, Engaged. ILMS is committed to giving each student a personalized experience through which they are exposed to real-world opportunities, and their identities, interests, and talents are cultivated.
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