State Assessments 2021-2022

Metro Schools Students Show Strong Progress on State Assessments
Posted on 07/06/2022
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Update, July 11: Now that the State of Tennessee has released district-level data on test results from the 2021-22 school year that showed strong progress by MNPS students on TNReady and End-of-Course assessments (see MNPS's July 6 release below), the district is working to give families access to individual student data.

Students, families, teachers, support staff, and principals can be proud that the districtwide gains have outpaced statewide gains in numerous areas. But ensuring that each student’s data is available to their family so parents and guardians can see how their student progressed this past academic year is essential.

The state announced that families will be able to access data in the state’s family portal by Friday, July 15. Ahead of that date, MNPS has made 2022 data for students in grades 3-8 available in the district’s Personalized Student Dashboard, where you can also view 2021 results. Data for students in grades 9-12 will be available by Friday, July 15, in the Personalized Student Dashboard after MNPS staff finish configuring those data files to ensure accuracy.

To view a student’s information in the Personalized Student Dashboard, parents or guardians will need to have access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once there, look down to the “more” option on the left bar to find the “assessments” data that have been added.

The MNPS Parent Portal page has information on signing up for a portal account if you don't already have one to access the Personalized Student Dashboard.

Families are encouraged to review this data with their child and talk with school staff about educational and attendance strategies to continue learning progress in the new academic year. The most important partners in your child’s education are our amazing MNPS teachers. MNPS is continuing strategic initiatives such as tutoring (Accelerating Scholars), a free learning program each summer (Promising Scholars), the continuation of new English Language Arts core curricula, and interventions and support for students with exceptional needs and English Language Learners, among other signature initiatives.

MNPS is exploring the data and gathering insights that will continue to inform our work with your students. We will be discussing those insights with the School Board in upcoming meetings and will publish additional information for parents and the community to review.

There are many ways that show how students are learning, and the state assessments are just one data point. Nevertheless, it is important to understand where we are and how we can continue to improve. Although the initial improvement shown in our data is encouraging, we are excited about this important opportunity to help your students continue their educational growth and advancement.

Posted on July 6: Metro Nashville Public Schools students showed significant achievement improvement in TNReady and End-of-Course test results during the 2021-22 school year, gaining ground in almost every academic category compared to 2020-21 and exceeding statewide improvement levels in numerous areas.

“Our extremely talented and dedicated teachers, principals, and support staff entered this school year with a plan for how they would improve the outcomes of the students they served, and this increase as compared to the statewide achievement validates their efforts to ensure that every student is known,” Director of Schools Dr. Adrienne Battle said. “Our staff should see these results as validation of their strategic actions with students and as a strong foundation that will motivate us in 2022-23 and beyond.”

MNPS exceeded the statewide level of percentage point improvement in seven categories – English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Integrated Math I, Algebra I, and Geometry – compared to results from the 2020-21 school year. The district also exceeded pre-pandemic levels of students meeting or exceeding expectations (previously known as on-track or mastered) in four categories: Science, English II, Integrated Math III, and U.S. History. two students doing school work on classroom rug

Overall, MNPS student outcomes increased in 13 out of 14 categories of TNReady and End-of-Course Assessments as higher percentages of students reached proficiency in 2022 than in 2021, underscoring impressive progress in the district’s focused student outcomes of literacy and numeracy.

Over the last year, Metro Schools has enacted several innovative programs or initiatives to accelerate student achievement out of the pandemic by providing for recovery while establishing a foundation for future success as a district. A few key implemented strategies include:

Accelerating Scholars

MNPS has been a national leader in establishing an evidence-based high-impact tutoring program for students in the greatest need of accelerating outcomes. Using a mix of volunteers for one-on-one virtual or in-person tutoring, along with qualified teaching staff for paid small group support, the district has created opportunities for high-quality academic interventions in reading and math.

Promising Scholars

Metro Schools has created a robust no-cost summer learning program available to any MNPS students who want to take advantage of extending their school year with continued education in core instruction areas, with a heavy focus on fun STEAM activities.

Core Curriculum

For the first time in many years, Metro Schools was able to adopt an ELA curriculum and purchase a strong package of materials and support to ensure full implementation based on evidence-based research.

Interventions and Support

For students with exceptional needs and English language learners, the district has purchased academic interventions in reading and math so students can receive the intensive, individualized support necessary to stay on track with their grade-level peers.

“Our Board has been very intentional about focusing on results-based outcomes for our students, and these results show that our faith has been well placed in the leadership of Dr. Battle and our teachers and staff,” said Christiane Buggs, Chair of the Metro Nashville Board of Education. “With the support of parents, our educators have been providing our hard-working students with the tools and resources they need to be successful. We look forward to taking the lessons learned from the last year to ensure our students remain on a path towards success.”

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