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Pre-K Students Host Animal Supply Drive as Part of Learning Program
Posted on 03/15/2023
Harpeth Valley Elementary School Pre-K students learn about pets and host animal supply drive as part of Pre-K learning program.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Pre-K Programs are created around a high-quality, play-based teaching that helps our youngest learners develop the skills and confidence they need to flourish in kindergarten and beyond. Experienced teachers and support staff create wondrous, imaginative classrooms that inspire exploration and discovery – and a lifelong love of learning.

pre-k students at harpeth valley elementary school learning about pets

The biggest learning stories start with the smallest of learners – and that’s why our Pre-K programs are so important to overall academic success.

In Pre-K, students learn through a theme-based unit of study. The study explores a particular topic, like clothing or buildings, for several weeks, promoting discovery and curiosity with opportunities for children to think critically and develop important processing skills.

At Harpeth Valley Elementary School, Jeanie Crouch’s Pre-K class spent six weeks investigating our furry friends: pets.

“Students explored the characteristics of pets, where pets live, what pets eat, how we care for pets, and how pets make us feel. It was an extremely fun topic to explore, and it also created an opportunity for us to discuss the responsibility associated with having a pet,” Crouch said. 

As part of the study, the classroom’s play center was reimagined into a veterinarian’s office, where students worked together to take care of their stuffed animal pets. The classroom was also home to a real pet, a guinea pig, which gave students the opportunity to observe and make connections between what they were learning and pets in real life.

Students also went on a virtual field trip to see and hear about animal shelters and pet groomers, and they even had a special visit from a therapy dog named Roy. pre-k students at harpeth valley elementary school learning about pets

Crouch’s young learners even took their investigation further, after they read “Tails from the Animal Shelter” by Stephanie Shaw. In the book, students learned that 6.5 million animals enter animal shelters in our country each year, and that moved students to host an animal shelter supply drive.

“Over the course of a few weeks, teachers and staff at Harpeth Valley graciously donated to our supply drive. Through this experience, our students learned about the importance of giving,” Crouch said. “It also created an opportunity for our students to see a wide variety of supplies that are needed to take care of pets. At the end of the study, one student’s family even adopted a dog.”

Crouch believes that Pre-K, like all other grade levels, is a great opportunity for learning and growing.

pre-k student reading a book about pets at harpeth valley elementary school in nashville tn

“What makes Pre-K especially important is that it prioritizes preparing students for learning. There are many skills that help children succeed in the classroom and impact their education, such as independence, self-control and problem solving," she said. "In Pre-K, we have daily opportunities embedded in our curriculum and schedule to teach these skills and develop them through play, creating a strong foundation for a child’s education.” 


Applying for Pre-K in Three Easy Steps 

The application process for MNPS Pre-K is a little different than our traditional K-12 enrollment, but it’s still an easy process that can be completed completely online in three easy steps.

  1. Gather your required documents, including a birth certificate, proof of residency, and a parent/guardian ID.
  2. Create an account in the MNPS Family Portal and obtain a Student ID number for your future Pre-K student.
  3. Submit your Pre-K Application online and then check your email for next steps!

If you would prefer to apply for Pre-K in person, you can do that at one of our eight Enrollment Centers. If you need help, you can call our Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO.

Families who submit applications for Pre-K before before 3:30 p.m. CST March 31 will be included in the initial selection process for the 2023-2024 school year.


Pre-K Program Fee Payment

Review the Pre-K Program Fee webpage for information on Pre-K program fees, payment information, submitting an online payment and the tuition assistance program.


Child Too Young for Pre-K? Check Out Our New Initiative!

Birth to Three is a new initiative that will provide information, strategies, and tips for parents/caregivers to provide the ultimate early development experience for each child. In its first program phase, the Grow Together with MNPS website provides families with information to support their child’s development from birth to three years of age.

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