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Whatever excites your child about school and learning, Metro Schools has a school where every student is known. 


At MNPS, every student has a clear and achievable path to success marked by measurable goals. Every student in the district is personally known through the use of detailed academic, behavior and social-emotional data, but also through a concerted effort to tune into their interests, passions, learning style and needs. We focus on creating and supporting rigorous, engaging and personalized learning experiences for all students to identify and eliminate inequities.

The ability to read and write is at the heart of an excellent education and is critical to eliminating inequities. Through the Literacy Reimagined initiative, Metro Schools is putting strong reading materials into the hands of K-12 teachers because quality literacy skills lead to better understanding in all subject areas.

Metro Schools is also reimagining learning with an emphasis on ever-changing technology and access to the classroom. From learning platforms like Schoology and Clever to digital resources that support learning both inside and outside the classroom, students have many different opportunities to collaborate with their educators and their peers. All students have their own learning device, and we also partner with industry leaders, such as the Amazon Future Engineer Program, to bring innovative programming and content to all schools.

With a wide range of programs and opportunities, paired with strong, standards-based instruction, MNPS has options to fit every family’s needs. Whether you are looking for advanced academics, a focus on arts or English language supports, we offer the best choices to meet individual student needs from Pre-K through graduation.

new personalized student dashboardPersonalized Student Dashboard

Families have on-demand access to assessment data, class grades, attendance data, a record of behavioral incidents, and high school graduation academic plans through the new Personalized Student Dashboard.

Parents and guardians can create an account today for immediate access to a comprehensive review of assessment scores and, if needed, connect with a school counselor or teacher for even more specific, targeted support and resources.



Across our elementary schools, teachers capture the natural curiosity and wonder their students have about the world. Through fun, hands-on lessons, students begin to learn about themselves, others and the community around them, creating a strong foundation for their future.

Elementary Schools

Across our elementary schools, teachers capture the natural curiosity and wonder their students have about the world. Through fun, hands-on lessons, students begin to learn about themselves, others and the community around them, creating a strong foundation for their future.



Middle Schools

Students experience tremendous growth during the middle school years—both academically and personally. As a bridge to young adulthood, the middle school years have the power to shape and influence a student’s whole life, which is why we focus on creating caring school environments reflective of students’ needs. Students cultivate their interests and strengthen their academic skills through experiential learning across all content areas, including English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, as well as a robust set of related arts courses, as they prepare for high school.  



High Schools mnps high schools

High school offers students personalized, thematic learning tied to real-world experiences. Students are provided college or career opportunities with advanced placement courses (AP) to obtain college credit and other nationally recognized professional certifications, like  EKG Technician, AutoDesk Inventor and Hootsuite Social Marketing. Students are also prepared for college through work-based internships and service-learning experiences.



Supporting Students and Families

MNPS has a wide range of programs and services that fully support students and their families, both in the classroom and at home. Some of these services include:

  • Exceptional Education

    All MNPS schools provide services
    and intervention supports
    in physical, academic, behavioral, social-emotional and adaptive skill areas.

  • Family Resource Centers
    Each Family Resource Center connects families and students to community services, health resources, GED classes and other needs.
  • H.E.R.O. Program

    The H.E.R.O. program provides critical services for students and families in transition, or experiencing homelessness.

  • Community Achieves

    The Community Achieves initiative offers programs focused on college and career readiness, family engagement, health and wellness, and social services.

  • Community Resource Guide

    An online guide to help youth and families access assistance from community providers.

  • English Learner Services

    Our schools support English learners throughout their journey to English fluency. Our 750 EL teachers work with students to provide EL services every day.